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  1. The pathetic life of a vending machine.


What an ordinary day. Everyone passes by me. Some ignore me while some acknowledge me. Those that realise my existence will come forth, in search for a right drink. Sometimes I get praised. Sometimes I get kicked (and not to mention abused). I love it when people praise me; but that’s only the teeny weeny minority. It’s so sad that everyday, at least 98% of the people who acknowledge me abuse me. It’s not my fault that their drinks don’t fall into the insert, it’s not my fault that their money can’t be refunded. I was created to serve these humans the access to quenching their thirsts. Am I in the wrong? Why do these people hurt me?

What an ordinary day. Everyone passes by me…


We (no, they) are the champions!

the saddest part of story telling class is that it’s only 8 weeks long. which is really short if time flies really fast for you, like how it flies for me. well, it’s like one of few classes a truly enjoy.


have you ever came across a middle aged person who reckons he/she is entitled to the priority seat? no, that person is a PERFECTLY normal middle aged person, not handicapped or any of the illustrations on the sticker against the wall that says: PRIORITY SEAT.

well, i have.

i have vocal lessons every sunday and everytime i board the train at bukit batok, it’s either half filled with people or PACKED with people. so i’d hold my breath whenever i board the train cos normally when there’re loads of people in it, it means very bad BO especially in a country like Singapore. and i’d choke on my own choke and die….NOT!

so anyway last sunday, i did the same thing- board the train, hold my breath, try to grab onto a handrail, yadah- and i stood, in a crowded place with very sweaty people including myself, from jurong east ALL the way to raffles place. it takes like 25 mins!! my legs almost died! i kept looking enviously at people who were sitted on seats and drooled over the fantasy of getting a seat… and then after i alighted at raffles to board the train in the red line, i was SOOOOOOOO relieved cos i saw seats! like really empty seats! no tissue pack nor bags or whatever! plain, welcoming seats!

so i happily sat on the seat 🙂 (the train was approaching douby ghout).

then suddenly i felt someone staring at me… tsk. if someone stares relentlessly at you, you’ll notice one, kay!

so i looked up and saw a middle aged woman staring at me!! and i felt so self conscious instantly! i turned to look at my reflection on the glass window behind me. nothing was out of place. so i turned back to look at the woman, looking puzzled.

her friend was whipering something to her- her friend sat opposite me but the lady doesn’t have a seat so she was standing and leaning against the pole AS IF SHE HAD DIFFICULTIES STANDING ON HER OWN!!

that’s when it clicked.

i finally figured out why the hell she was staring at me.


there was a battle going on in my mind from the point i realized what the lady was trying to do: give up or not?

i peered at people beside me and guess what? they were ALL pretending to be asleep!

so yea, i gave that seat up. i’d barely sat there for 5 mins and it’s already PREYED on. ughhhhhhhh doesn’t the sticker illustrate clear enough? like hello??? there’re only people who are handicapped (which she CLEARLY wasn’t!), old, pregnant or with a child!

she can’t be pregnant! she’s toooo old and besides, the buldge from her stomach was probably because of too much eating or something.

i wished SMRT would do something about this. it’s unfair to innocent people like ME! like i can’t sit in a train without being wary about people who entered the cabin; you know, in case they were the elderly or something, it’s your DUTY to give that seat of your to them.

i mean i don’t mind giving up my seat to these people who clearly display the difinition of being ‘priority seaters’.

but give my seat up for someone who doesn’t display the definition at all….???

it makes me boillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 😦

anticipation is such a heartbreak.


it comes out ‘this summer’, according to fellow parafans on youtube. well, singapore’s summer all year round so i don’t know when their ‘summer’ would be but i’m guessing it’s in july or something.

you know, sometimes i envy people NOT from singapore because they can do things like quit school, get a band, tour the world and be assured you’ll get so much money you don’t have to finish school to get a job for a living. well, you obviously can’t do that in singapore so it’s really difficult to get my parents to support what i’m doing with my band. i mean sure, it can’t be my career but hey it’s something i love- singing and being able to sing in front of people who appreciate what you’re doing on stage.

i honestly don’t know why being in a band would make me less successful in life in near future.

i mean i WAS promised that i could do whatever i wanted- except to run away from home, or get pregnant, or become a prostitute; you know what i mean- after o levels……………

it’s like when you were young, your mum wanted you to eat the peas on your plate but you refused so she whipped up some story about after eating the peas she’ll give you candies of assorted flavours. And so you quickly gobble up all the peas even though you hated them because it looks like snort. In your mind, the candies are lining up, popping into your mouth one by one and oh they taste so heavenly…..and after you finished eating ALL the disgusting snort-looking things on your plate, you stick your hand out, palms up and fingers outstretched and expect delicious tasting candies to fall on your hands-

but no!

your mum says, “i didn’t buy the candies but i will, tomorrow. go sleep okay?”

and she gives that same excuse everytime you ask for them because the truth is, which mother on earth would be so nice to be willing to give their children candies because they believe it’s bad for the teeth????

they just want you to EAT THE DISGUSTING PEAS ON YOUR PLATE!!!!

it’s THAT sad, i tell ya.

anticipation is such a heartbreak.

Internet is a monster

well, that’s what Wendy says. heh.

wendy, ayunie and i were suppose to do our socpsyc project just now but we ended up looking for cute widgets on the net for our macs haha see what a monster the net is now? hey but don’t start going like, “tsk tsk tsk such bad students”, cos we’re DOING our projects now 😛

anyways, my band and i just had another gig outside cineleisure last night. it was cool, except that the ‘stage’ was on a slope (beside Gloria Jean’s) and i was, honestly, really afraid that i’ll trip on my own foot and roll down the slope. i know that’s really dumb……………

whatever, haha.

we’re gonna perform at our secondary school for their achiever’s day or something, on the 29th of may. i hope it goes well!

the weather’s been really shitty these days. it’s so hot i swear one day we’ll burn like how chicago did in the 1990s. heatwaves and everyone in Singapore will be microwaved to death. and that will happen real fast cos we’re such a small island with so few people and we don’t have so many hospitals to accomodate everyone. the heatwave will just pass over Singapore, kill everyone, laugh at the dead people, then cross over to another country.

well, heatwaves don’t have brains so people in Pulau Ubin will prolly survive cos the heatwave didn’t take geography and thus think that Pulau Ubin is part of Malaysia.

i’m currently crafting a strategy in my mind to survive that heatwave….

…oh come on, i’m Singaporean! kiasu is my middle name!! 😀




and i’m not lame okay, i’m just….um, i’m just okay fine, lame. well lame is my last name then.

wendy’s so hooked on FB’s bejewelled!

What a Wonderful World

HOWDY! i’m back 😀

i stayed true to my word so here i am, going to fill you up with juicy details about yesterday’s performance at B&J’s.

there were 3 of us performing: me, Ted and Paul. we played 10 songs, well 11 because Bryan (our friend) begged us to play Curshcurshcrush by Paramore but anyway, the whole set was great even though we kinda screwed up a few songs cos’ we didn’t have enough practice with each other (Paul’s in the army and it’s hard to coordinate). but we’re gonna do another set on the 6th of June at 8pm. i hope we don’t screw up ANY song hehe. the vids will probably be posted on my band’s myspace soon. (i hope!)

i’ve been doing all the homework that i haven’t done for the entire afternoon. i apologize for the late entry of People Watch. have been too complacent about it. i thought it was easy peasy but it turned out to be difficult but i finished it anyway.

anyway, after the set at B&J’s, we went to watch the dirt bike exhibition. it was soooo awesome. there’re like 5, i think, of them doing stunts and tricks one after another. but the commentators were such annoying beings. because i was really far from the actual crowd, i could see the commentators, looking like lil jumping beans, jumping excitedly on their podium where they’re higher than the audiences and everyone could see them.

if you’re about to say i’m really mean just imagine this: dirt bikes dancing around their stage- not literally dancing on the stage, duh- where the limelight is on them and then in the dark, beyond the limelight, even if it’s dark, you see two lil fellas dancing like jumping beans at the side.

you know, the feeling where you just wanna flick this annoying peck of dust away.


but the comments were good la, so nevermind their annoying dancing-away-like-jumping-beans thing.

tsk, i wish i had the brains to take pictures from last night but no, my brain HAS to leave out important mental notes like “bring camera!” tsk tsk, i need to change my shampoo.

well, it’s a sunday! beautiful weather today, not too hot nor cold. 5th week of school tmmr. it still amazes me- how time flies faster than aeroplanes.

Songs and more songs

my band’s FIRST public acoustic show! it’s this saturday, 6pm, at Ben & Jerry’s @ The Cathay. for the past 1++ years we’ve been playing music together, all the shows we did were in school during events like teachers’ day.

it’s such a pleasant yet weird feeling when you start doing gigs, like when suddenly people just contact you to join their gigs. but it’s cool 🙂

it’s a free show this saturday, by the way, so don’t start panicking. all you have to do, if you want to support me band and i, is to just turn up at Ben & Jerry’s slightly earlier than 6pm, order something from the counter, sit at a table and wait for us to appear on stage. yes, i am soooo using this journal to publicize our gigs, haha.

so anyway, i taught james how to use his soft pallet to sing today and it brought me to think of how i’m suppose to teach people how to sing after i get a grade 8 cert and become a vocal teacher/performer. i’m giving piano lessons now and boy, teaching someone to sing is not as easy as teaching someone to play the piano!

well, i’m probably gonna need some strategy to tackle this ‘difficulty in teaching people to sing’ problem!

okay, that whole chunk of things i wrote above probably bored the hell out of you so i’m gonna write about how much i panicked when i thought someone stole my cat ( i hope it’s more interesting!).


this is horribly boring. oh well, things are boring these days anyway. boring boring boring. it’s so boring i’m even digressing…!

okay, i have a cat- two actually, so it’s catS- one called Bell and the other, Wolfie, and we let them out of the house every weekend so they won’t be stuck at home ALL the time. last saturday night, the weather decided to screw up and so it started raining really heavily. you see, cats aren’t very fond of water so the next morning, Wolfie ran into the house as soon as my dad opened the door to get the newspapers.

Bell would normally follow her too but no, he didn’t turn up. we didn’t worry cos who knows, he might be outside the house, looking for birds to catch.

at about 12, when Bell still didn’t come back, we thought something fishy was going on and true enough, me mum found Bell’s collar outside the house but no white cat (Bell).

i spent an ENTIRE afternoon, panicking and looking for him around the estate. i even got my boyfriend and his friend to come over just to HELP me find Bell! it’s pretty hilarious, now that i think of it 😛

after an ENTIRE afternoon of searching, i decided to head back home cos we were going to celebrate mothers’ day.

Bell still wasn’t home when we got back from the restaurant near our place.


the very next morning, at about 5am, Bell was MEOWING outisde the door, begging us to open it so he can come in!

so much for nearly having a heart attack while attempting to find him!

well i really hope that was interesting enough. i’ll have more things to write about when Saturday comes 😀


This is the first time I’m blogging for a class assignment. Seriously. I’ve never done this in my life before. I’m freaking out at the idea that Mr Leslie Tan will be reading my journal/blog entries starting from the point I post this entry. It’s like he’s lurking, virtually because this is a cyber world, in the dark (probably his office or something), waiting and waiting for the moment you click on ‘PUBLISH’ and-


He shoots you with comments relentlessly.

Fine, that was a little exaggerated but that’s my mind for you, ladies and gentlemen, like it or not. So anyway, besides my fear of a teacher reading my journal (I’ve decided to call this a journal), I’ve been feeling rather tired these days. Although school has been fun but it isn’t fun when it’s time to get up from my bed. I literally need drag myself to the toilet for my shower!! But whatever. Even if sleeping’s really essential and I lack of it, the times in school will make up for it.

My classmates have been really nice! It’s a start of my life in tertiary level and boy, it sure is awesome. I love art classes, it’s so relaxing even thought it’s 5 hours straight. I used to hate MOE for putting me in DVFX but now I love them for it. (But I still dislike MOE, if you get what I mean)

Since there are only 15 people in my class, we’re a bunch of fun people and it’s so amazing that there ain’t different cliques in the class but we’re a clique itself. I really hope it remains like this. But I do miss my old friends no matter how many new ones I make…

Anyway, 2nd week of school’s over. We’re going into the 3rd week now. It’s scary, really, how time can fly THIS fast. With things going at this speed, it won’t be long before I see myself graduating and holding onto a job at Mediacorp (as much as I really hope and wish that I don’t get hired by Mediacorp!! I don’t have faith in them!). But hey, I might change the system there and be that saviour to save Singapore’s leading media company by creating BETTER dramas/movies.

I’m getting excited by the mere thought of it!

But then again, I might be on the flipside, not graduating or getting a job at Mediacorp or any other media companies- oh, gosh. Choy choy choy! I WILL graduate and get a job at a media company even if it won’t be Mediacorp!

By the way, I’m getting symptoms of flu. And news of swine flu has been splashed across newspapers for almost a week now. And Ted has them too! The flu symptoms, I mean.